Ship yourself a better supply chain with Dlvry’s purpose built software for distributors and manufacturers

Do you know what deliveries your trucks have made? Or what’s in them? With Dlvry's DSD software you will.

Modernizing last mile deliveries for the world’s distributors, Dlvry integrates with your ERP to instantly update inventory and payments information. Our core platform, Dlvry DSD, empowers your drivers to be an efficient extension of your sales force. The easy to use app helps manage routing, deliveries, and even on-the-fly creation of POs and Invoices. Whether taking payments in PO, cash, check or card, Dlvry DSD gives you visibility and accountability into your deliveries.

Dlvry DSD

Turn your drivers
into your sales team

Easy to execute, mobile sales are only a few hours of training away for your drivers. Our customer eliminate dozens of hours a week of manual effort in route planning and rationalizing truck inventory. Time to cash is also quicker as invoices are automatically created in your ERP.

Route Management

Routes can get complicated. They can change even at the last minute to support customer requirements. Dlvry’s dashboard allows for easy route adjustments in line with Sales Orders, or you can utilize Dlvry’s Dynamic Routing which will create routes based on orders. Either way, route stops go right into the app used by your drivers to ensure the most efficient route.

Proof of Delivery

Whether it’s taking a photo, capturing a signature, or even receiving a check or cash payment, it’s all integrated into the app. These tools immediately eliminate arguments over deliveries with the ability to instantly share photos to customers.

Butterfield & Vallis Serves Up a Future Proof Solution with Dlvry DSD

Their 20-strong field team leverages Dlvry’s easy to use app for easy order creation that automatically syncs with their ERP in real time, saving money and reducing errors.

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