The industry’s best Mobile Sales and DSD software, Dlvry DSD!

Feature rich and easy to use, dlvry's software suite gives your team the tools they need to help the business scale

Dlvry’s app suite frees distributors and manufacturers to invest their time in sales and execution instead of paperwork. Whether you’re running five trucks or five-hundred, the native app manages routing, sales orders, invoices, deliveries and truck inventory. Customers of all sizes can be up to speed on the app quickly, speeding up cash flow and turning your delivery team into a sales team.

Dlvry Software

Dynamic Routing

While not every customer’s business requires Dynamic Routing, this set of features is easy to activate and utilize for those who do need it. This toolset allows for automated creation of route based on your sales orders and schedules. Likewise it allows you to make changes throughout the day or even the delivery process.

Realtime Truck and Device Tracking

Dlvry DSD is capable of tracking each device in real time. While not a replacement for a GPS lo-jack, our customers are able to see where their drivers are on their route. Combined with Dynamic Routing, one is able to use this information to make changes through the day if needed.

Integrated with Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft, and QuickBooks

Dlvry DSD works stand alone, and many customers use it by itself. That said, it comes out of the box integrated with the industry’s best ERPs. The integration automates Sales Orders and Invoices, price changes and returns, and more. This eliminates manually keying in paper receipts and ensure your carried truck inventory remains on your books.

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