Streamline your ecommerce packing and fulfillment with Dlvry's software suite!

Ditch paper pack sheets, eliminate shipping errors, and measure pack station efficiency in real time

One of the biggest expenses in ecomm or small pack orders is in the final kitting and packing stage. From short-ships to substitutions to just plain errors, pack and ship can be a terminal bottleneck. Dlvry’s Kitting & Replenishment toolset digitizes and streamlines your pack stations.

Dlvry Software

Pack Station Rules and Routing

Create rules to send specific SKUs to specific kitting stations. This enables specialization of pack stations to specific products, reducing the needed packing materials on hand at each station and increasing pack efficiency. This also is the bedrock for creating apples to apples comparisons in pack station efficiency.

Real Time Pack Station Reporting

See pack station throughput in real time via the Dlvry Kitting dashboard. This enables our customers to see which stations are most efficient and address processes for stations or products that are slowing down operations. Change the rules and routing to create a better mix across performant pack stations.

Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft, QBO and Shopify Integrations

Dlvry Kitting and Replenishment is often used stand alone, separate from your ERP, but there’s a big advantage in utilizing the out of the box integrations. In most cases Dlvry consumes the needed fulfillment data directly from your ERP, but for some high volume customers it makes the most sense to pull that data directly from the ecommerce platform to expedite data flow and reduce time to pack.

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