Capture proof of delivery easily and accurately with each and every delivery

Dlvry's Proof of Delivery app empowers your drivers to prove exactly what was delivered and in what condition

Whether your team is delivering based on existing Sales Orders, or created orders and invoices at the client site, Dlvry’s Proof of Delivery app eliminates any questions about what was delivered, when and in what condition.

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Use the app to create invoices or receive payments!

In addition to Proof of Delivery, Dlvry's app suite can also create invoices on the fly and even take payments, whether cash, check, or credit card. Even when invoicing, creating the invoice digitally onsite expedites payments and improves your cashflow.

Integrated with NetSuite, Microsoft GP & Microsoft Business Central, and QBO

While many customers use Proof of Delivery stand alone, without using one of our many pre-built ERP integrations, others find enormous value in having integrated systems. With Proof of Delivery, records are tied directly back not just to customers but to particular Sales Orders.

App Works offline as well as online, updating the system as needed

All of Dlvry's apps are native apps, meaning they work without any connectivity. Once the device is back in range or reconnects, the information automatically transfers to where it needs to go.

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