Dlvry is a proud NetSuite SDN Partner, with a highly detailed integration out-of-the-box.

NetSuite is the industry leading ERP for distributors and manufacturers and Dlvry’s software suite seamlessly integrates across the entire platform. Users of NetSuite and Dlvry have clear functional separation so that no one user needs to be in both tools–yet the data across them will match and update without manual effort.

Dlvry offers several products that extend NetSuite. For example, part of the direct store delivery solution provides NetSuite customers with a powerful interface to setup, maintain and plan daily route schedules. The Routes Inquiry dashboard let’s NetSuite customers know what’s happening with their field sales teams on a near real time basis. Dlvry DSD for NetSuite also includes start of day and end of day route reconciliation processes so all your field reps, delivery drivers and sales people are accountable for their daily activities.

Dlvry’s software suite for NetSuite maintains its master data inside NetSuite. So what does this mean for our NetSuite customers? It means they can continue to maintain customers, prices, items, credit policies, and create sales orders all inside NetSuite. The integration will leverage NetSuite data out to field sales reps’ mobile devices.  The mobile interface is optimized for route sales allowing your reps to decrease time per stop and increase revenue per stop.

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