Dlvry has a deep partnership with our ERPs, from NetSuite to Microsoft to QuickBooks. Still, many of our smaller customers elect to use Dlvry’s software suite independently, without the out-of-the-box integration.

For larger operations with a broad set of deliveries and modes, or constantly changing prices, the lock-step integration with the finance system is a must. 

The integrations differ across ERPs by necessity, but at its core Dlvry is managing creation of Sales Orders and Invoices, moving and tracking truck inventory, and serving to improve both efficiency and cashflow. Dlvry gives our customers a robust two-way integration between your existing system and your mobile devices from day one so you can mobilize your team instantly.

How does the integration help?

One of the clear advantages of Dlvry is the flexibility. Every operation is different and Dlvry’s tools can be configured to support an enormous range of industries and scenarios. That said, our team also encourages customer input into the development—we want to expand our offerings in the directions that most excite our customers.

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