Why growing breweries rely on route sales software

Few industries have experienced periods of rapid growth such as the one currently taking place in the craft beer market. According to Census Bureau statistics complied by the Wall Street Journal, the number of breweries in the U.S. has more than doubled in the past five years, driven by consumer demand for craft beers . These small-to-mid-scale breweries have dramatically altered the country’s opinions on the way that beer should taste, and now innovative new breweries are also changing the way beer is sold as breweries rely on route sales software.

By leveraging the advantages and convenience of advanced mobile applications, brewers are gaining greater insight into their sales data, as well as capitalizing on previously overlooked opportunities to gain new customers or increase existing order size.

With the jLAN Mobile Sales Suite, mobile sales reps or delivery team members can capture and process orders on a mobile device from anywhere, at anytime. This technology grants every delivery team member the ability to develop stronger, more profitable relationships with existing clients, as well as quickly and easily take new orders from interested parties.

This intuitive, easy-to-use software has dramatically improved the value of route sales, which have been steadily moving away from the bulky, outdated and error-prone barcode-scanning systems of the past. Now, leadership within the company, including delivery team managers, can easily confirm that their teams are completing all scheduled deliveries, have recorded the necessary signatures and received the proper payment in real-time.

Craft breweries stole market share from mega-corporations by breaking the status quo and embracing new flavors and brewing techniques. Now, by bringing that same pioneering spirit to the sales process, they have proven that they will remain a permanent fixture in the beverage industry.

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