When Customers Rely On Your Parts, You Can’t Let Them Down

Industrial parts distributors can have tens of thousands of items available, yet customers only need a fraction of those parts at any given time.  Replenishing parts to manufacturing customers is a necessary part of customer service and if you can’t deliver the right parts, on time, your customer risks shutting down a production line. That’s an expensive problem for your customer with costly fall-out to your business.  Don’t let your customer down.  Keep your business running with the right technology.

Get your industrial parts to the right places on time with jLAN Mobile for Route Sales & Route Accounting.  Your drivers can create an unlimited number of route schedules that minimize travel time, closing the gap between delivering the products your customers need, when they need them.  You can also reroute drivers when important customer needs arise and use an easy-to-understand graphical interface to monitor route activities by day or week, temporary or future.

Once your drivers or route sales representatives arrive on-site, they can use mobile devices to scan bar codes, process orders, take payments, and create replenishment orders.  Using a touchscreen tablet, your route sales representative can look up customer histories, including product details, pricing, and quantities that can make it easier for customers to decide what they need for a replenishment order on-the-spot.  Your representative can check on product availability, current promotional offers, and process a new order for your customer.  This time-saving automation can breathe new life into route sales, boosting sales and improving productivity.

In addition, your representative can process a payment or an invoice using their tablet, which is more efficient than processing traditional paper billing or payments.  Since data is seamlessly connected with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, your accounting team can also save time with this automation, rather than pushing paper, while maintaining updated financial data.  Using real-time inventory, sales data, and financial information, your managers can gain actionable insight, turning data into business decisions that can further drive growth.

Your customers are relying on you so don’t let them down.  Contact jLAN for guidance on choosing and implementing the technology that you and your route sales team needs to deliver the industrial parts that keep your customers’ businesses running smoothly.

By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite


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