Stay Connected Securely With Route Sales Teams And Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Connecting Route Sales Teams with Dynamics

Once the sales and services teams have left the office in the morning, many managers experience ‘radio silence’ until they return at the end of the day.  They bring back orders and payments to process as well as other data that takes time to enter into the business management systems.  Stay connected to your route sales teams and financial activities with greater efficiency by deploying a strong, innovative technology.

Each morning when your route sales team leave the office, they are tasked with taking and replenishing orders, accepting payments, and making sure that customers are pleased with the products and services that your business offers.  However, the results of their efforts may not be shared until much later.  The disconnect between route sales teams and the office can result in delays with sales data, inventory updates, and processing payments.  These delays can lead to poor decision-making when replenishing inventory, making financial-based business decisions, and determining whether customers are satisfied.  Close the loop by arming your route sales team with better technology.

jLAN Mobile is an end-to-end route accounting solution that seamlessly connects to several powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP.  Your route sales team can accept on-the-spot sales or take orders, process payments, and prepare invoices with jLAN Mobile.  Each transaction is sent through your accounting system, which reduces the need for redundant data entry when they return to the office.  Your route sales team can maintain updated inventory data by using the build-in barcode scanning system and can look up product availability by using the UPC code, item number, or a description of the product.  Real-time inventory offers your procurement team reliable data to use when making strategic purchasing decisions such as stocking up on popular items or avoiding those items that may soon become obsolete.  In addition, prompt customer response with stock availability can improve customer satisfaction.

At the end of each day, your office and route sales teams can be on the same page with daily transactions and so can your ERP solution.  Improve productivity. Put reliable data in the hands of the managers that need it to make prudent business decisions.  Contact jLAN to learn how jLAN Mobile can securely connect your teams and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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