Impress Customers with Real-time Promotions and Marketing Materials on Your Mobile Device

Your customers are busy people and so is your sales team.  When your sales representatives are meeting with valued customers and discussing hot new products, are they flipping through catalogs or handing out brochures in hopes of picking up a sale the next time they visit?  Impress your customers and boost sales by sharing promotional and marketing materials from their mobile device.

Make it Easy for Customers to Take Action Now

Traditional print materials have their place in the marketing and sales process.  Many businesses send out various mailings including letters, brochures, catalogs, and other professional-looking print media.  Instead of leaving print materials with a customer to make a decision later, shorten the sales process and impress your customers by sharing promotional materials on your tablet and mobile devices.  You and your marketing and sales team can have all of the appropriate marketing materials and more in the palm of your hand with the jLAN Mobile Briefcase and jLAN Mobile Sales Suite.

Imagine Every Field Sales Rep Having the Same Marketing Information in Real Time

With jLAN Mobile Briefcase, each of your sales team members can have the same information to share with prospects and customers.  Your team can be confident that they have the most updated promotional materials and aren’t selling products or services that are out of date or being phased out.  Your team can then make sales presentation with jLAN Briefcase and capture orders using their mobile devices with jLAN Mobile Sales.  Access to real-time pricing data can also improve up-sales and cross-sales while shortening the sales timeline.  Your sales team can offer on-the-spot price breaks, for example when customers order in larger quantities, which can encourage customers to make a sales decision earlier rather than wait to look through brochures and catalogs.  In addition to taking new orders, your sales team can access a customer’s full order history and answer questions about previous orders, which is helpful for customers when making common replenishment orders.  The jLAN Mobile Sales Suite can also track delivery of orders as well as capture on-the-spot payments.

Impress Customers and Streamline Mobile Sales Operations

Impress customers and streamline the marketing and mobile sales process by adding innovative solutions to the mobile devices your sales and marketing teams likely already have and use.  Contact jLAN for more information about jLAN Mobile options that can breathe new life into your sales and marketing activities.

By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

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