How to track your road sales reps

In business, you will depend on your road sales team to bring in the money that keeps your company up and running. The road sales reps are the lifeblood of the your company, although keeping tabs on what has been sold and where it was sold was not always an easy process in the past. With jLAN Mobile Sales, you will be able to run your route sales operations more effectively.

Knowledge is king in the sales world, particularly when a high volume of product is being sold and shipped out on a daily basis. While being on the road with your sales team is not always an option, maintaining the type of visibility into route sales productivity will allow you to more effectively run and manage each aspect of your hardworking business.

jLAN Mobile allows managers to keep track of sales in real time. So if there is one or two sales people on the road that have not sold anything yet that day, the manager can be proactive in contacting the rep to see what the situation is. That means being in total control and keeping your reps accountable for the amount of sales they are responsible for.

This technology also fosters deeper relationships between the road sales rep and their customers, which will be crucial in working together. The reps will know exactly what the customer is buying, what their credit situation is and what their prices are. All of this information will allow the road sales reps to have efficient conversations with the customer at their place of business.

To help improve your route sales operations, be sure to work with jLAN Technologies for our mobile technology today! Check out the rest of our website to explore our products even further.

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