Fast-Paced Consumer Packaged Goods Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Solutions

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses often have fast-paced, complex operations.  Getting the right products to the right customers on time, in budget, and competitively priced requires close attention to detail and quick response times.  Keeping your customers satisfied is essential to getting prime shelf space and staying in front of the competition.  Keep up the pace of business by adding powerful mobile solutions to your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

You can’t trust inadequate or entry-level software for tracking large volumes of fast-moving inventory or to provide the level of insight that you need to respond faster to market changes.  Even with powerful ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP or NetSuite® ERP, you need added mobility to strengthen the connection between route sales teams and the office.  Connect your people and ERP solution with jLAN Mobile® to gain greater control over route sales, accounting procedures, and improve customer satisfaction.

Your route sales teams can manage thousands of SKUs, offer flexible pricing schedules, and maintain control over inventory with the support of jLAN Mobile.  While meeting with customers or providing replenishment services, your route sales team can also share promotions and give presentations with updated product data on mobile devices.  In addition, with real-time inventory levels at their fingertips, route sales teams can make and accept orders on-the-spot, increasing sales opportunities.  The electronic processing reduces time-consuming paperwork and connects seamlessly with ERP solutions so accounting can control cash flow.

Since jLAN Mobile is connected to your ERP solution, you can use the business intelligence features in ERP to identify trends with customer buying habits and inventory uses.  You can then use this insight to stock up on the inventory that your customers want, at prices that can improve profit margins.  As with many consumer packaged goods businesses, there is often a battle for shelf space.  Properly merchandising and stocking shelves can keep you ahead of customer needs.  Route sales teams can use jLAN to place items exactly where they need to be, in a manner that encourages sales which benefits both the stores and your business.

Today’s modern mobile solutions can streamline complex operations and provide the insight you need to satisfy customers while improving your bottom line.  Contact jLAN to learn how to keep up with the fast-paced CPG industry with jLAN Mobile.

By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

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