Everyone Has A Smartphone Or Tablet, It’s What’s On It That Makes The Difference

Almost every successful sales professional has a smartphone or tablet that can show prospects or customers the latest and greatest products that their business offers.  However, after showing a slick presentation, what else can your mobile device do?  Improve sales and customer connections with the seamless integration between your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and a powerful mobile sales solution.

Many sales representatives use mobile devices to show product details or price options to a new prospect or existing customer.  However, unless the device is armed with the right technology, that is the extent of their usefulness.  While you could leave paper forms or catalogs with customers and hope for a solid lead, there is no guarantee of a sale.  Instead, add a strong business management solution to your mobile device and you can leave the customer’s office with a sale in hand.

A combination of ERP and jLAN Mobile Sales Suite® can turn your mobile device from a simple mobile catalog into a powerful sales tool that can boost sales and improve customer service.  Your sales team can be connected to real-time inventory records, which enables them to take orders without over-promising deliveries or risking back-orders.  They can check on specific barcodes for a specific item and offer promotions or discount pricing on-the-spot.  The mobile device can also be used to accept payments and print receipts if needed.  Since jLAN Mobile is integrated with your ERP solution, orders, payments, and invoices are connected with the accounting system, which reduces the need for redundant data entry.

In addition to taking new orders, your sales team can use jLAN Mobile to check on past orders, sharing details about what a customer may have ordered before and in what quantities.  This information is helpful when identifying common replenishment orders, which your customers will appreciate as much as your procurement team.  Identifying customer trends can streamline inventory management and can save money from over-stocking inventory that customers may not want or under-stocking items that are increasing in popularity.

Mobile devices are sleek and you can impress customers when using them.  However, they can become even more beneficial when using the right business solutions. Contact jLAN to learn more about improving route sales and making a difference with jLAN Mobile.

By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics


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