Cut The Paper Chase With Better Mobile Sales Technology

Your delivery teams don’t simply drop off boxes at customer thresholds – there are documents to sign, payments to be collected, and inventory needs updating.  In addition, customers may place new orders or send back products to be replaced by something different.  Relying on paper-based systems, manual processes, or inadequate technology can add confusion and create delays which can wreak havoc at the office and frustrate customers.  Cut the paper chase by replacing paper with stronger mobile sales technology.

Distributors offering direct store delivery need to keep a close eye on costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  This can be a fine line to walk, especially when using inefficient systems or inadequate technology.  There is no time to waste during deliveries or when managing inventory.  Streamline your systems with jLAN Mobile for Direct Store Delivery.

Gain greater insight and control over direct store operations by connecting jLAN Mobile with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.  You can streamline route scheduling, creating customized sales routes and delivery routes which saves time when meeting with customers or delivering products.  You can also use graphical route tracking and monitor where your drivers are located, which can be helpful if you or your customer have last minute changes.  Once your people arrive on-site, they can choose between a number of mobile devices including tablets, rugged mobile devices, and mobile computers that offer high performing, multi-function tools that work the way your people work.  You can use these mobile devices to scan products, update inventory, and collect signatures for deliveries, change orders, or new orders.  These mobile devices can also print receipts when necessary.

By strengthening your technology, you can also strengthen communications between the office, route sales or delivery teams, and customers.  Last minute changes, whether originating in the field or the warehouse, can be communicated quickly and accurately.  In addition, real time data can be shared between ERP and jLAN Mobile, which offers sales and delivery teams insight into special promotions or pricing and customer needs while your warehouse team can maintain control over inventory.

It’s time to replace outdated technology and inadequate systems with something better. Contact jLAN to learn how the right technology can support efforts to respond faster to customer needs and how these powerful tools can improve efficiency and productivity with sales and delivery teams. By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.

By jLAN, offering powerful mobile sales solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

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